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28 September 2016

Retirees may do well to go on spending spree

Many single pensioners who have saved hard for their retirement will have at least 1277 reasons to maybe go on a pre-Christmas holiday, upgrade the rooftop solar panels or even spend up big on Christmas presents. These reasons to offload some cash are coming courtesy of our current low inflation, low interest rate economic environment and a significant tightening of the assets test come January 1.

22 September 2016

How the latest age pension reforms could affect you

The Federal Government has announced a wave of age pension reforms, particularly focused around the assets and income test. You might be wondering what this means? Retirement and superannuation expert Dr Suzanne Doyle from StatePlus says the way your assets affected your payment was going to change.

31 August 2018

StatePlus uses fundamental research for tech risk in beta

As every asset owner has exposure to technological disruption in its equity portfolios through its underlying fund managers, StatePlus has been considering how it can monitor its fund managers to understand its exposure to disruption. “The benefits of having a better understanding of disruption across our portfolio include a number of things, such as improved dialogue with our managers around unintended risks in the portfolio to exposures,” Jo Cornwell, investment specialist at StatePlus, told delegates at the Equities Summit in Melbourne.

30 August 2016

Advice failures deter retirees

Lack of trust from previous product and advice failures was continuing to deter retirees and pre-retirees from seeking professional financial advice, StatePlus said. The financial planning business' general manager, marketing and financial planning, Jason Andriessen, said the firm's own research showed significant barriers continued to exist that made individuals wary of engaging with a financial planner.

29 August 2016

Digital key to greater trust, literacy

Financial advisers must embrace digital advice to increase understanding and trust among prospective clients, according to StatePlus general manager, financial planning and marketing Jason Andriessen.

26 August 2016

Mind the retirement gender gap

Employer initiatives, government policies, and legislation are all needed to help close the gender gap in retirement. While the Senate inquiry and Budget proposals seem to be paving the way, more needs to be done.

25 August 2016

Education arms advisers with ethical shield

Raising education standards in the financial advice industry may not be the panacea to thwart unethical behaviour in the industry but it can boost advisers' confidence in questioning the status quo, according to StatePlus.

22 August 2016

Don’t wait until it’s too late. How will retirement look like?

It’s easy to let your super slip to the back of your mind. We live busy lives, after all. But as you near retirement, it’s a good idea to think about how you can make the most of what you’ve got.

19 August 2016

Opinion – Pension safety net is assured

Advisers are likely to receive plenty of calls from concerned clients in the lead-up to 1 January 2017, given the number of Australians affected by the changes to the age pension, writes Dr Suzanne Doyle, Head of Advice at StatePlus. Advisers have a crucial role in helping clients understand and respond to the changes.

18 August 2016

Retirement planning – do you need professional advice?

What’s the importance of retirement planning and how can expert advice help improve retirement outcomes? CANSTAR spoke with Jason Andriessen, General Manager of Financial Planning and Marketing at StatePlus.

4 August 2016

What will the RBA rate cut mean for your super?

To find out how a rate cut affects super, CANSTAR asked Damian Graham, the Chief Investment Officer of financial planning organisation StatePlus, on short and long-term impacts of the RBA rate decision on super funds.

3 August 2016

Dollar’s rise shows need for scenario planning: StatePlus

The rise in the dollar following yesterday’s rate cut reinforces the need to have a robust risk framework, says Damian Graham, chief investment officer at StatePlus.

August 2016

Breaking down the barriers

The quest for equal representation in the financial services sector continues, as does the demand for sound and trustworthy financial advice. StatePlus planners Corinna Dunne, Pam Ingleton and Sallie Kairaitis discuss how the financial planning industry is changing and what funds can do to foster a diverse and thriving workplace.

11 July 2016

Volatility from Brexit key matter for SMSFs

The modest economic impact of Brexit means SMSF investors will need to focus on how the resulting volatility could impact on their portfolios and investment opportunities going forward.

15 June 2016

Terry Moore makes the most of retirement

Savvy advice has given Wauchope’s Terry Moore financial freedom after retirement from full-time work. He first sought advice from a financial planner about 26 years ago. “It was the best move I ever made,” said Mr Moore.

15 June 2016

Complexity still a hurdle for robo-advisers

StatePlus general manager of business development James Panaretos says the evolution of robo-advice in Australia could see it become an adjunct to traditional advice services, particularly in the intra-fund space.

26 May 2016

Advice needs more transparency and trust

At a panel discussion held by the CFA Institute in Sydney yesterday, StatePlus chief investment officer Damian Graham said that while trust was typically formed through face-to-face interactions, Australia’s investment management sector could benefit from building on its position and instilling greater confidence in the profession.

26 May 2016

Strong cultural integrity makes industry accountable when others aren’t watching

It’s really important to understand how an organisation thinks about alignment, agency risks and potential ‘leakage’ points. We need to have confidence that providers are thinking about these issues in a balanced manner, in a way that demonstrates strong cultural integrity.

23 May 2016

First State Super eyes growth after winning StatePlus bid

First State Super, one of Australia's largest non-profit superannuation funds, has paid around $1 billion for the NSW government's financial planning business StatePlus. The deal positions First State Super to grow its national footprint outside its base in NSW and Victoria.

23 May 2016

First State Super wraps up StatePlus bid

First State Super has reached a binding settlement to acquire the StatePlus financial planning business — a move that creates the largest member-owned financial planning network in Australia. The combination of the two will create a financial advice business with over $21 billion in retirement funds and over 200 financial planners in metropolitan and regional centres throughout the country.

23 May 2016

First State Super wins StatePlus battle

The $54 billion First State Super has won the race for financial planning business StatePlus Group after agreeing to pay more than $900 million, becoming the latest superannuation fund to outbid trade buyers and sharemarket investors for a hotly contested asset.

19 May 2016

StatePlus IPO valued at $800m to $820m

The indicative value of the rebadged financial services business, StatePlus, has been set at $800 million to $820 million, according to sources. A bookbuild to test market appetite for a deal is expected to open soon.

19 May 2016

StatePlus IPO to be underwritten at $820m: sources

Investment banks Macquarie Capital and Morgan Stanley are preparing to underwrite an initial public offering for retirement planner StatePlus at $820 million, sources told Street Talk on Thursday.

18 May 2016

STC keeps options open on StatePlus

The sale of the rebadged financial planning firm, StatePlus, is set to run down to the wire as trade buyers submit final bids for the business today ahead of a bookbuild tomorrow in a final test of demand for an initial public offering.

12 May 2016

Research places State Super on top

State Super's 2015 Member Satisfaction Research has named State Super as the leading superannuation fund in providing superior member services.

6 May 2016

TRUST, cost and value for money are ranked as the highest

TRUST, cost and value for money are ranked as the highest barriers for people who do not access professional financial advice.

April 2016

Sequencing risk matters

Managing sequencing risk and volatility is key to providing robust retirement outcomes. Low or negative returns when the value of assets is high matter far more than when the value of assets is still low, writes Damian Graham.

28 April 2016

Super industry must do more than develop retirement products

The superannuation industry, together with the government and regulators, must do more than simply develop retirement products if Australia's $2 trillion super system is to succeed in providing enough income for retirees.

29 March 2016

Is super post-retirement ready?

“Americans have a saying: ‘Life comes in three phases: struggle, success, significance,’” Peeyush Gupta, chair of StatePlus (formerly State Super Financial Services) told Investment Magazine. “I’m in the period of my career where I’m in the significance stage; after having achieved a degree of success it really is about helping a younger executive team succeed.”

23 March 2016

Super funds’ advice offerings go under the microscope

If super funds are concerned about offering financial advice to their members, they should be. The last of the baby boomers have turned 50, and as the great big pool of money heads for retirement, how super funds engage with members and help them improve financial outcomes through financial advice is again under the microscope.

10 March 2016

Super funds need a suite of CIPRs

Super funds need to have a suite of comprehensive income products for retirement (CIPRs), as no single product can solve all risks for all members.

26 February 2016

The road to financial advice

‘Falling into' financial advice seems to be a thing of the past with most young advisers these days making a conscious decision to be a financial adviser. While the life stages of an adviser remain relatively unchanged, the pathway towards each stage has been chopped and changed thanks to regulation and legislation.

17 February 2016

Lend a hand to Zonta for a worthy cause

ZONTA Club Port Macquarie celebrates IWD come join us and Lend a Hand International Women's Day in 2016 is Tuesday March 8th, the one day of the year when people around the world come together across physical and cultural divides to celebrate the rights of women and girls.

8 February 2016

35 super funds divested from tobacco

A more sophisticated understanding of fiduciary duty has contributed to 35 super funds running tobacco-free investment mandates. The first large fund to quit tobacco was First State Super in 2012, with StatePlus the most recent to make an announcement.

February 2016


StatePlus has done more than just change its name. The financial planning business has revamped large amount of its processes and practices – with a clear goal to seeing this transformation right through to the end.

6 December 2015

How funds need to look at retirement products

As super funds look to play a greater role supporting members with retirement products and services, they may need to think differently about how they look at the main risks faced by retirees, according to Damian Graham.

17 November 2015

StatePlus leads the way with FPA Professional Practice program

Retirement advice experts StatePlus has become Australia’s largest adopter of the rigorous FPA Professional Practice program run by the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA), the peak professional financial planning body.

16 November 2015

StatePlus talking to super funds of all sizes

StatePlus is looking to grow its financial planning business, beginning new discussions at several funds about outsourcing advice.

9 November 2015

StatePlus embraces pathway to consumer trust

Professional qualifications in financial services are vital to win the trust of consumers and StatePlus, formerly known as State Super Financial Services, has begun the journey to that goal, the group said last week.

20 October 2015

Increase female planners to get the best

If the financial planning industry does not strive to hire more women it is not getting the best that is available, StatePlus believes.

18 October 2015

Graduate recruitment and compulsory CFP behind StatePlus drive to expand advice offer – Professional Planner

A graduate recruitment program and mandatory Certified Financial Planner (CFP) status for all of its planners from 2019 are key elements in an ambitions plan by StatePlus to significantly expand its financial planning presence.

16 October 2015

State Super Financial Services rebrands, mulls business expansion

State Super Financial Services has unveiled a new name and brand, as it looks for business expansion opportunities and places digital transformation front and centre.

16 October 2015

Rebranded StatePlus embraces digital focus - Financial Observer

State Super Financial Services has unveiled a digitally focused business model as it announced it is rebranding as StatePlus. Group managing director Michael Monaghan said the newly minted StatePlus saw an opportunity to evolve its business as the industry adapted to changing demographics and consumer preferences.

16 October 2015

SSFS rebrands to StatePlus – Money Management  ‎

State Super Financial Services has rebranded to StatePlus as part of a business transformation process with a heavy emphasis on digital engagement, it announced on Thursday.

28 August 2015

Regional planners offer large scale advice

The logistics of serving clients who often live miles away is a challenge for regional advisers but, as Jason Spits writes, the long distances are quickly offset by the rewards of being a trusted professional in a place where everyone knows your name.

11 August 2015

Embrace digital disruption or fall behind – Finsia 

General Manager of Financial Planning, Sean Bradley talks about why In today's age of digital disruption, it's not good enough for financial services companies to only ring the changes when regulators force their hands.

4 August 2015

SSFS puts finishing touches on $50million financial planning overhaul to enter ‘digital era’ – Professional Planner

State Super Financial Services is set to significantly enhance the delivery of advice, moving beyond traditional modes of operating and communicating with clients in a way that suits them. 

9 July 2015

New Approach sees uptick in phone advice – Financial Observer

State Super Financial Services is reassessing the ways in which it delivers information to clients and has seen an uptick in phone advice. 

1 July 2015

The drivers of trust – Financial Planning Magazine

Jason Andriessen argues that the proper deliver of personal advice, professionalism among planners, internal standards and embracing the digital space will be critical to repair trust to the financial planning industry. 

5 June 2015

Hand In glove: Damian Graham, CIO at SSFS – Investment Magazine

Damian Graham discusses the role of financial advice in reducing risk and volatility in retirement income, highlighting that investment frameworks go ‘hand in glove’ with the advice framework to suit each client’s individual needs.