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Your Fund Update

Half Year ended 31 December 2019

Stay informed with the latest articles on investment markets, updates on your pension and super, how to deal with market volatility and a message from our CEO, Deanne Stewart.
Message from the CEO

Our strategy is to grow and achieve the scale that will allow us to invest in areas like retirement and advice, so you don’t have to choose between doing well financially and doing good in the world.

How to ride out the impact of coronavirus

Some important things to consider about your super and pension during times when investment markets are affected by events such as the coronavirus.

Market update – the year in review

Against a background of global geopolitical unrest, 2019 stunned many with strong investment returns across almost all asset classes.

Sustainable impact and secure returns

As well as earning good returns for our members, we’re committed to investing responsibly, so we have a positive and sustainable impact on the community.

We are merging with VicSuper

This merger will offer considerable value to our members and our increased funds under management will allow us to be an even greater force for good in our members’ communities.

Important changes you need to know

We’re making changes to our super and pension fees. There are also changes to return objectives, strategic asset allocations and standard risk measures for our investment options following our annual investment review for Super, Pension and Investment Funds.

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