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Investing in renewables

Building a sustainable future  

Responsible Ownership is an approach to investing that means we’re focused on returns, but also make investments that directly benefit our members’ communities and the broader society in which we live.   

Our Responsible Ownership approach considers Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues to better manage risk and generate strong long-term investment returns. 

An important part of this is transitioning our portfolio to support a low-carbon economy. Through our Climate Change Portfolio Transition Plan, we’re committed to investing in renewables and new technologies across our portfolio, and investing in companies with genuine renewable and clean energy targets. 

Read your member summary of the plan at 

Two major Australian projects we’ve invested in are: 

• Snowtown 2 wind farm for unlimited, low-cost wind energy, and 

• Powering Australia Renewables for wind and solar energy. 

Our global renewable investments include companies like  
Darby Servtec Energy Fund, which supports renewable energy projects and skill-building in Latin America.

You can read about these renewable investments at 

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Strong long-term performance, despite difficult conditions

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Strengthening our commitment to responsible ownership

Responsible Ownership is a philosophy Aware Super lives and breathes.

A message from Deanne

One of the things that has inspired me the most is our many members who work tirelessly on the front line – members who care for us, protect us, educate our children and keep our communities safe.