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Strengthening our commitment to responsible ownership

We believe climate change is one of the most significant long-term risks to our investment portfolio – and therefore our members’ retirement savings. An important first step on our path to a low-carbon economy is to divest from businesses that derive more than 10% of their revenue directly from mining thermal or energy coal from 1 October 20201. 

Not only does responsible ownership give us an opportunity to optimise our members’ retirement savings, it also allows us to positively contribute to the world in which our members live and retire. From 1 October 2020, we’ll also be excluding direct investments in companies that make money from the manufacture and/or production of controversial weapons, including chemical weapons, cluster munitions, land mines  
and depleted uranium1. 

For more on our approach to responsible investing, go to

1 The exclusion doesn’t apply to the use of derivatives which may have an indirect exposure to these types of companies. In addition, implementation of the exclusion may be affected by the accessibility and accuracy of data, or an error by an external service provider. This may result in inadvertent holdings, typically over the short term, in investments we are seeking to exclude. 

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Responsible Ownership is an approach to investing that means we’re focused on returns, but also make investments that directly benefit our members and communities.

A message from Deanne

One of the things that has inspired me the most is our many members who work tirelessly on the front line – members who care for us, protect us, educate our children and keep our communities safe.

Important information about your super, pension and investment funds

We’ve made some important changes to the way we invest, including changes to return objectives for some investment options and the way we disclose fees.