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More investment opportunities, better service

To provide you with improved efficiency and greater investment opportunities, we’ve merged the StatePlus Retirement Fund and First State Superannuation Scheme (First State Super). We transferred members and assets of the StatePlus Retirement Fund to a new section within First State Super on 1 July 2019.

Since First State Super acquired StatePlus in 2016, the two organisations have worked together to help everyday Australians make the most of their superannuation and retirement, through high quality, cost-effective investment solutions and tailored financial advice when they need it most.

A new trustee

Following the merger of the two funds, FSS Trustee Corporation became the new trustee of the Allocated Pension, Term Allocated Pension, Personal Retirement Plan, Flexible Income Plan, Tailored Super Plan and Transition to Retirement Pension.

This means you’re no longer a member of the StatePlus Retirement Fund. Instead, you are a member of First State Super.

What this means

With the same team managing your investment, you can be confident you’re in good hands.

  • No change to your account details and client ID.
  • No change to your benefits.
  • No change to your pension payments (if applicable).
  • No change to your beneficiary nominations.
  • No change to the total fees that you pay (however the way your various fee components are disclosed has been improved).
  • No change to how you receive your statements and reports.

Significant benefits

We aim to provide you with the highest quality investment solutions for your retirement. By combining the StatePlus Retirement Fund with the First State Superannuation Scheme, we’ve created one of Australia’s largest industry super funds. This increased scale will enable us to:

  • access more investment opportunities for your funds
  • provide you with a greater choice of investment options
  • expand our range of services and digital tools.

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