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Janine Varughese

Financial Planner


  • Bachelor of Economics

I can help others achieve their financial goals and improve their lifestyles

Janine Varugherse is a financial planner who has spent over 22 years in the finance industry working in a number of locations across New South Wales. She holds a Bachelor of Economics and is committed to constantly upgrading her skills to make sure her clients always have the most effective options available to them when it comes to planning for their financial future.

After becoming a client service officer in 1994, Janine quickly moved into the role of Financial Planner in 1995 and attained her status as a CFP® practitioner upon the completion a Diploma of Financial Planning in 1996. Driven by a desire to help her clients achieve their financial goals and maintain a great standard of living, this role took her to different StatePlus offices – Sydney, Parramatta and Gosford.

In 2011 she moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to live with her husband and family but maintained her CFP® status by continuing her professional development while she was there. The family returned to Australia in 2013 and Janine renewed her career in the financial services industry as a financial planner in Sydney’s CBD office.

Her goal is to guide her clients through the often complex world of superannuation, taxation and investments, and to provide specialised advice that will allow them to improve their lifestyles.