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How we invest

At Aware Super. we believe that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks affect investment portfolios. Find out here how we deal with ESG.

Read about Asset Classes that StatePlus offers, including Equities, Fixed Interest and more here.

Our investment approach involves disciplined monitoring and researching of our current investment managers. Find out more about our competitive offering here.

Learn about the organisation we appointed as a custodian, because we are focused on security, confidence and the assurance that your financial assets are safe.

Review our actual asset allocations for the products held across the Retirement Division of the First State Super Scheme.

Review our actual asset allocations for the StatePlus Investment Funds.

Provides a comprehensive view of what your accumulation or pension option and/or Investment Fund is invested in. 

Standard Risk Measure (SRM) helps you compare different investment options by giving risk labels. Find the risk labels and bands for investment options here.

Learn more about the Socially Conscious option which has been designed for members who want greater certainty about the environmental and social impact of their investments.