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The above table shows the strategic asset allocation (Target %) and the minimum and maximum amounts we can invest in each asset class (Range %) effective 1 November 2021. Note that each of the asset classes may include small or residual cash balances for portfolio management purposes and we may vary the strategic asset allocation and asset allocation ranges for an investment option from time to time without prior notice.

The actual asset allocations vary over time with market movements. Click here to view the latest asset allocations for each of our investment options.

Currency Exposure
Target: 9%
Range: 0% to 24%
These currency exposure targets and ranges refer to the proportion of assets that are subject to foreign exchange rate movements. The actual currency exposure in place at a point in time depends on market conditions and the liquidity needs of the investment option.


Invests in a range of defensive and growth assets but mostly fixed income and cash, with a small allocation to equities and other assets.

Standard Risk Measure:

4 – Medium

Who might invest in this option?

This option may suit investors seeking modest capital growth over the medium term who are willing to accept a moderate level of risk. However, remember that in return for relatively few years of negative returns you may be sacrificing the potential for higher long-term returns.