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Our investment approach

Our primary aim is to ensure you meet your financial goals in retirement.

For many people, the savings they have when they retire is the most they’ll ever have. Volatile markets and significant market falls leading up to, and during, the first years of retirement, can therefore have a damaging impact on the long-term value of their retirement savings. People at this stage of their lives are at their most vulnerable and have specific investment needs. So investing for retirement is different and needs to be approached differently to help manage these risks.

Our priority when we manage your money is to:

  • Reduce the impact of large share market falls,
  • Provide stable and predictable income, and
  • Seek the growth that is needed to protect your savings against the effects of inflation and help your savings last.

Our retirement-focused approach does this by:

  • Setting meaningful investment targets – Our investment options generally aim to deliver investment returns above inflation, which is what will help you meet your retirement cashflow requirements.
  • Balancing income certainty with returns – We only take on risk for which we believe we will be adequately rewarded and will help you meet your retirement objectives.
  • Smoothing the ride – We employ a number of risk mitigation strategies aimed at delivering more predictable outcomes and greater peace of mind.

Our primary aim is to ensure our clients meet their goals in retirement. This means carefully managing the unique risks that retirees and pre-retirees face. As a market leader in the field of retirement investing, we are one of the largest and longest-standing providers of dedicated retirement investments in Australia, with a strong track record of delivering excellent outcomes for our clients.