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Budget Planner

Would you like to adjust your spending habits?

It’s a great idea to look at the way you spend your hard-earned money – and the way you want to spend it. Budgeting is a valuable life skill that can make a big difference to your future. 

That’s where the StatePlus Budget Calculator comes in. It’s a straightforward illustrative tool that gives you a look at some options for your financial future. In just a few moments, you can take a look at your weekly, fortnightly or monthly spending patterns and possible sources of income. 

A simple way to plan for your future

If you’re ready to minimise financial surprises as you move towards retirement, and even prepare for situations like redundancy or reduced hours at work, then this is the accurate, easy-to-use tool you’ve been looking for.

See the opportunities that lie ahead?

Making financial adjustments is a lot easier when you can see the tangible benefits that can result from them.

If you’ve been inspired by this budget planner, why not get some professional advice? Call or book an appointment with your friendly StatePlus financial planner, on 1800 620 305. You could be surprised how a simple start with budgeting could help you on your journey to achieving your life goals.