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Insights and updates

Minimum pension limits reduced to help preserve retirement savings

Read about reducing minimum pensions limits to help preserve retirement savings.

Bushfire assistance

Our heartfelt thanks go out to our members and clients who are working relentlessly in response to the bushfire crisis across Australia. Contact us if you need guidance on your financial situation.

What you should know if you’re on the Pension Bonus Scheme

If you’re a member of the Pension Bonus Scheme, your bonus may be significantly affected after 1 January 2017. Find out more.

How will a Trump presidency affect your investments?

Markets may be volatile for some time following the US election results. But if you’re an investor it’s a good idea to just stick to your long-term financial plan.

What does the Brexit result mean for you?

Concerned about how the Brexit vote will affect your investments? Markets dont like uncertainty so we're seeing some volatility. But if you're a long-term investor, stick to your plan.

How do volatile markets affect your investments?

Share market indices have started 2016 on a roller coaster ride. So how concerned should you be about your investments? Find out from Chief Investment Officer Damian Graham ...

Budget highlights

The federal budget revealed a balance of spending and savings measures, with the government spending almost all the money ...

Keeping an eye on energy markets

The last quarter of 2014 saw very volatile trading in global commodity markets, but none were more volatile than oil prices. So, what’s ...

Voting in your interests

Franking credits are very important to retirees for tax reasons - in this article we explore how in certain shareholder voting situations we ensure the interests of our investors are protected.

Learning to get along with risk

Are you a risk taker or risk avoider? Research shows that less than half of Australian super investors are willing to take on even moderate levels of risk. Find out why this could have a big impact on your savings.