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Investing for retirement

At StatePlus we understand the financial needs of pre-retirees and retirees, which means that we manage money differently. Our experience tells us that retirees have a greater need for certainty and security. As stewards of our clients’ retirement savings we invest in a way that’s highly aligned to these needs.
Why invest in alternatives?

At StatePlus we use two alternatives sectors in portfolios to try to improve the risk-adjusted returns, and each is suited to its specific purpose. The Growth Asset Diversifiers sector tries to improve returns by providing diversification during periods when overall portfolio performance is likely to be weak. By contrast, the Absolute Returns sector tries to add returns steadily over time.

Investing in unlisted infrastructure

At StatePlus we’re always looking for better ways to invest your money. This is why we’re now investing in unlisted infrastructure. Stability, diversification and consistent valuations are just some of the benefits of this asset class.

The power of compounding

We often think about portfolio returns in terms of how well they perform in a rising market. But how well your portfolio can ‘cushion’ falls in down-markets is just as important. Learn about the power of compounding and how it can significantly improve your portfolio returns.

Why it's so important to stay invested

Should you switch your investments to something ‘safer’ like cash when markets are volatile? Richard Dinham, StatePlus' head of research, says you could be missing some great opportunities if you do. Find out why …

Invest in shares

Shares are highly variable, so returns can be risky, but they can be a reliable way to generate real returns. Find out more here.

Investing in shares

State Super Financial Services invests in shares as part of our diversified investment options – the Capital Stable, Moderate, Balanced ...

Investing in property

Although investing in property isn't without risks, property can be a great long-term investment. StatePlus offers tips to make it easier.

Invest in managed funds

Have you considered investing in managed funds? Then you should contact StatePlus and their trusted financial planners, to help you invest.

Investment property calculator

Use our easy to use Investment Property Calculator to help you understand all the purchasing, maintenance and holding fees associated with a property investment.

Learning to get along with risk

Are you a risk taker or risk avoider? Research shows that less than half of Australian super investors are willing to take on even moderate levels of risk. Find out why this could have a big impact on your savings.

Tips for the long term investor

Whether it's your first time investing or you want to find out more, StatePlus has you covered and can help you find the right investment.

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