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Invest in managed funds

Managed funds are a great way to access a diversified portfolio of investments more easily than if you were to buy the underlying investments yourself.

What is a managed fund?

A managed fund is a professionally-managed investment portfolio that pools the money of multiple investors.

In a managed fund, an investment manager buys and sells shares and/ or others assets on your behalf. Then, you are paid a periodical income.  The amount of income will vary based on the income (i.e. dividends) produced by the assets and capital gains from selling assets at a profit. Investors will also receive a return on capital. The capital will rise or fall with the value of the shares and assets.

The benefits of managed funds

Investing in managed funds is a much easier way to invest in many assets, for example, commercial property or overseas shares. And, the transaction costs are less prohibitive. 

Besides the diversification it offers, buying and selling managed funds can be simpler and more flexible than buying and selling assets directly, for example, selling a bond. The fact that your investment is pooled in with other investors means that managed funds can also provide:

  • Access to a broad range of markets
  • The opportunity to make regular (relatively small) contributions
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Consolidated reporting and tax information

It’s important to understand all the facets of your managed fund, as you may only be able to convert your investment to cash at specific times.

So, how do you invest in a managed fund?

The best way to start investing in managed funds is to speak with a trusted financial planner.

At StatePlus, we have a range of managed funds to suit your needs. Together, we will discuss your options and use our expertise and skills to choose, buy and sell, and carefully track the best managed funds for you.

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