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Our fund is in a strong position to meet your needs

Markets have recently rebounded, thanks to stimulus from governments around the world. But we can expect volatility to continue for the next 12 months or so. We’re in a strong position as a fund and well positioned to look after the needs of all our members and clients.

In this video, Chief Investment Officer Damian Graham gives an update on:

Where are markets heading?

We’ve seen markets rebound as a result of stimulus provided by governments around the world to try to support economic and employment growth. However we’re starting to see some economic weakness come through. We expect that economic growth will also be materially impacted in as companies start to report on their results, and withdraw some of the guidance they normally have with regard to future earnings. We expect market volatility to continue, potentially, over the next 12 months or so.

Our fund is in a strong position to meet your needs

We entered 2020 in great shape as a fund, from both a liquidity and cash perspective. We are confident we can make any payments that we need to make to members, whether it’s payments through the switches in investment strategy, or as part of the early super release scheme. We undertake a lot of scenario testing and analysis to make sure we continue to remain in this strong position. This also allows us to take buying opportunities that may arise as a result of the ongoing market volatility.

Helping Australia’s economy recover

We invest and own a lot of properties, and we know that some tenants may be under stress during this time. We’re working with these tenants, both commercial and residential, to ensure we can provide them support that’s appropriate.

Another area that we're focused on is key worker affordable housing. We’ve invested almost $200 million in Victoria and New South Wales to help provide solutions for housing affordability. This will help to meet the needs of key workers who have told us they find it difficult to find affordable housing near where they work. We’re looking to make more investments in the near term.

We’re here to help you with financial advice and guidance

The Government recently announced that super funds can provide advice to members regarding the COVID-19 early release of super scheme. We encourage all members and clients to seek advice if you’re thinking about applying for early access to your super.

StatePlus is here to help you with advice and guidance through our financial planners, webinars and regular updates on our website.

First State Super is the owner of StatePlus and manages both the StatePlus and First State Super investment portfolios.

COVID-19 updates

The First State Super website has updates from our CEO and Investment team on COVID-19 and what it means for you.

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