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Prepare for Retirement

Like you, we see retirement as a time to start, not stop. And at StatePlus we’ve been helping hard-working Australians for over 25 years do just that. Our expert financial planners will help you achieve your financial goals and set you free to live a life fully engaged with the people, interests and causes that you care about.
Should I stay or should I go?

More people in their 50’s and 60’s are wondering whether to hang on at work or take an opportunity for early retirement. What should you do if you’re offered redundancy near retirement?

Flying solo in retirement

Managing money on your own can become a source of stress. But it doesn’t need to be. Discover 5 ways to successfully manage your finances when solo in retirement.

Planning to remarry?

Finding love and getting married again can be exciting. Learn 4 important financial questions to talk about for building your best new life together.

Staying in your home?

Continuing to live in a home you know and love is a popular option for retirees. Discover 4 important things to consider before choosing to stay put.

Renting in retirement

Choosing to rent in retirement could bring you more freedom and flexibility. Find out why some retirees are choosing to rent over owning a home.

More than just money

Planning your retirement can be complex. Talking to a retirement expert can help you feel positive and confident about the future. It worked for Janet and Paul. Hear more about their journey to a fulfilling retirement.

Divorce and retirement

Marriages or partnerships can come unstuck in retirement. Here’s what you need to do to get financially ready for life after divorce.

The lowdown on retirement across Australia

Expecting spare change from your sea change? Learn more about retirement lifestyle and finances in different locations around Australia.

Life after a sea change

Is retiring by the sea all plain sailing? Hear the story of Judy who moved 3 hours from Sydney to realise her dream of living by the beach.

Where should you be spending your retirement?

There’s a lot to consider when choosing where to live for your retirement years. Here’s a quick and easy guide to get you thinking about your options.

Get more from your retirement with good advice

How do you go about finding the right advice to help you reach your goals?

Why retirees want to keep learning

Ever thought of studying in retirement? It’s a great way to set yourself a goal, make connections and enjoy a new interest.

Getting the right investment mix

How is your super invested? Achieve your retirement goals with the right balance of risk and return.

Feeling good in retirement

Retirement is a major life change. Research shows people are using the opportunity to adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

Where to get started with aged care?

Even if you don’t need to think about aged care right now, you may be making decisions for a family member or loved one in the future.

A regular income for your retirement years

What happens to your super once you retire? Learn about your options for having a regular income to draw on from your super balance.

Finding the right balance with family in retirement

Research shows retirees are experiencing increasing demands on their time and financial support. So how do you get the balance right?

Get ready for retirement the positive way

Making a positive change. Whatever your retirement plans are, life will be different. If you’re anxious about the future, we’re here to help with 3 tips to help you prepare for change.

3 signs it’s time to retire

Are you ready to take the plunge and retire? We take a look at the 3 signs including the lifestyle, financial and emotional aspects of planning for retirement.


There is increasing evidence to support a link between helping others and good health and happiness. We look at 3 positive impacts volunteering can have on your life.

Get social in retirement

Being socially active can improve both your health and quality of life. It could be just as important as good diet and exercise.

Take retirement for a test run

By moving to part-time work before you retire, you can test the waters on how you will cope emotionally and financially. Find out more.

Your retirement planner

It's never too early or late to get advice about your financial situation. StatePlus planners can help put a strategy together that meets needs.

Age pension

StatePlus can provide advice about your age pension. Read on to find out about your benefits and how you can qualify for the age pension.

How to take control of your retirement

By remaining informed you can feel confident about your retirement. StatePlus can give you the advice you need to stay confident.

Putting yourself first in retirement

Activities that bring us joy, social connection and a sense of purpose are key to living a happy and fulfilling retirement. Try our Life List exercise to discover what will give your retirement meaning.

Empower your retirement with the right knowledge

Planning for retirement can be complicated. StatePlus can help with your retirement planning to put you right back in the drivers seat.

How to find the best planner for you

Choosing a financial planner is a big decision. StatePlus planners take the time to make sure you understand everything about your finances.

What is StatePlus about?

StatePlus isn't just about the financial planners that work there. It's about you and the exceptional service we strive to give each clients.

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