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Getting the right investment mix

By taking a pro-active approach to investing your super, you could be looking forward to a better income in retirement.

Your investment choices make a difference

We’re all familiar with the consequences of taking on too much risk. The downside is being too conservative with your investments can also have a negative impact. A survey by Rice Warner found that “less than half of Australian Super investors are willing to take on even moderate levels of investment risk, significantly impairing their ability to reach their long-term lifestyle goals.i” The challenge is that super is not a ‘set and forget’ investment. Making sure your investment choices match your life stage and goals can give your retirement savings a real boost.

Revisit your investments as you get older

So should you be rushing out and investing in the ASX immediately? If you’re still a long way from retirement, it can be worth taking on a little more risk because you have time to recover from periods of poor investment returns. It’s a different story for pre-retirees and retirees. When you’ve already retired, you’re relying on an income from your investments and volatile markets can have an immediate impact on your budget and lifestyle. For pre-retirees the issue is that poor investment returns near your retirement can impact your nest egg when it is at it’s largest.

Get expert advice

StatePlus retirement experts understand how to manage risk and returns to help your savings last. Whichever life stage you’re in, it’s important to keep a long term perspective. “During volatile periods in the markets, there will be some days where markets are down significantly, and also days when markets rise significantly,” says Richard Dinham, Head of Research for StatePlus. “By missing even one day, or a few days, of strongly rising markets, the effect on a portfolio can be significant.ii

Need help managing your money?

Getting expert advice can make a big difference to how prepared you are for retirement - both emotionally and financially. By discussing your lifestyle goals with a StatePlus financial planner, you’ll have a much better understanding of the super and income you’ll need to make retirement a positive change in your life.

For more tips and tools, download our free Retirement guide or call us on 1800 620 305.

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i Rice Warner, The Australian Retirement Vision Survey, August 2015, page 19
ii StatePlus website “Why it’s so important to stay invested” 11 February 2016

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