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What is StatePlus about?

Learn how to live the retirement of your dreams with StatePlus

Above everything else, StatePlus is about you.

You are at the centre of everything we do because we understand that as retirement approaches, being informed and in control of your finances becomes a bigger priority.

Approaching retirement can seem like a daunting time. If you’re wondering about the best way to handle it, we are here to help. 

A professional financial planner can help you to feel assured and empowered about your financial future. Gaining control of your money now means that you’ll have more time to enjoy the people, interests and causes you care about most in your retirement.

We understand that finding a planner you can trust, and one who takes the time to get to know your unique life goals, is crucial. Our planners make every effort to ensure you feel comfortable and confident about your finances. There’s no rush or pressure.

Why should you trust your financial freedom with StatePlus?

For over 25 years, we have helped thousands of clients reach their financial and life goals by helping them gain more control over their finances.

We simplify the complexities of financial planning and give you straight-forward advice that will make a genuine difference to you and your family.

Our network of 160 financial planners has expertise and a wealth of experience in advising everyday Australians about their money and financial assets. Every StatePlus planner:
  • Is a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) – Australia’s peak professional body for financial planners
  • Adheres to the strictest professional certifications and code of conduct
  • Can explain the technicalities of super in simple, easy to understand terms
  • Will frame your financial needs and plans within your life goals and priorities

Flexibility to access advice on your own terms

At StatePlus we put you in the driving seat. You can access advice on your terms. Whether you are looking for Life Advice or Event Advice you can choose the type of advice you want, how often you need it and how you access it.

Start planning your retirement today

With genuine, professional guidance, you can successfully plan for your retirement. 

At StatePlus, you’ll be looked after by a retirement specialist. A genuine planner with the expertise to manage your money so you stay on track for the retirement you want.

We’ll start with what is important to you and work from there. Once we know what you want to achieve in retirement, we can help you get organised.

Together we can set retirement goals, create saving and investment strategies, and make a real difference in your life.

Your retirement dreams can come true

We are very proud to have a customer satisfaction rate of over 95%1.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Read what just a few of our satisfied clients have to say about how planning early opened them up to new possibilities.

Below are just a handful of the people we’ve been able help plan for retirement and beyond. Take a look and discover how close you are to living a richer retirement.

1 (TNS Research 2015 Q1)

Tony's investment plans and good financial advice have paid off

I needed someone who knew the nuts and bolts of the scheme I was in to know what direction I was going to head. Our planner helped us understand that [retirement] is not the end of the road, it’s the beginning of the road

Watch Tony’s full story

Vish learnt how to invest in his future so he could enjoy a fulfilling retirement

“Every time I met with my planner, I came back with a very clear decision making process. Everything had become more and more clarified. I must say that he was showing [me] the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Caroline is preparing herself for an active and happy retirement

My planner has been wonderful. He’s very approachable and friendly. He’s got a really great understanding of me and he’s very patient. The time leading up to retirement can be very daunting and my planner was able to alleviate my fear

Watch Caroline’s full story

Find out how we can help you too

Call us on 1800 620 305 if you have any questions, or contact us. If you’re not quite ready to book an appointment, why not try one of our free guides or attend a free seminar and let us help you start preparing for the fulfilling and rewarding future you deserve.

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