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Why retirees want to keep learning

With so many different ways to learn something new, many retirees are reaping the benefits of becoming a student again. Discover three ways to get back into studying in your retirement.

New access to education

Thanks to the rise of technology, students of all ages have lots of options when it comes to taking a course or getting a qualification. It seems the baby boomer generation, who may be retired already or expecting to retire within the next 15 years, are among those eager to take advantage of online courses and pathways to learning.

According to a survey commissioned by the nbn (National Broadband Network), more than a third (35%) of baby boomers have an interest in studying and almost half of these (48%) would study online1.

Keeping busy, connected and healthy

Whether you’re thinking about distance or face-to-face modes of study, having a new interest and goals will keep you active and engaged and introduce you to new ideas. Like volunteering, studying is a great way to bring a new meaning and purpose to your lifestyle in retirement. It can create a structure for your days and weeks that you might miss after the routine of your working life. With face-to-face learning, you’ll also have more chances to meet people who share your interests and make new social connections as a result.

Where and how to study

U3A - The University of the Third Age

This community organisation has local groups throughout Australia who meet to share ideas and educational ideas. They also deliver online courses for seniors. You can visit their website to find a group near you or sign up for a course. 


With many locations around Australia, your local TAFE provides a range of vocational and training courses in a variety of industries. Choose from online, part-time and full-time modes to study in a way that suits you. 

Adult Learning Australia

Adult Learning Australia (ALA) is a not-for-profit organisation offering a range of non-formal, non-vocational community education courses. There are no pre-requisites for enrolment and subjects range from creative, lifestyle and sports subjects to business and more.  

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Getting expert advice can make a big difference to how prepared you are for retirement - emotionally, financially and especially for your free time. By discussing your lifestyle goals with a StatePlus financial planner you’ll have a much better understanding of the super and income you’ll need to make retirement a positive change in your life.

For more tips and tools, download our free Retirement guide or call us on 1800 620 305.

1 Baby boomers embrace digital pathway to lifelong learning.

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