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Retirement planning for your future today

Taking time today to prepare for tomorrow

If planning for retirement seems like it might be dull or difficult, think again. It’s your chance to consider your goals for the future and shape a new life lived on your terms.

Taking a little bit of time today to think about your life in the future can make all the difference to your retirement. As experts in retirement, a StatePlus financial planner can help you understand your options and put your plan in place.

The benefits of a retirement plan

Clear goals

A retirement plan helps you get clear on your goals for the future, such as how you will spend your time, where will you live and whether your spouse feels the same.

A target date

Knowing when you plan to retire makes it easier to prepare. Some things to consider include the age you can retire, tax outcomes and income needs.

A savings strategy

It’s never too early or too late to save for retirement. A retirement savings strategy that considers your income, super balance, budget and remaining working years could provide the boost your super needs.

Suitable investments

Retirees and pre-retirees face some unique risks when it comes to their investments. A retirement plan can help you manage key risks and ensure your investments adapt to suit your stage of life.

Income certainty

Knowing where your income is coming from is critical in retirement. A retirement plan will explore your options including earnings from part-time work, investment income, the Age Pension and super savings. 

Confidence you’re on track

Working with an experienced retirement planner can help deliver financial security and peace of mind. It can give you confidence that you’re on track to be able to do the things you want in retirement.

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Needing help with their retirement plan, Michelle and her husband Geoff went to their planner at Aware Super (formerly StatePlus), after being diagnosed with cancer.

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