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Investing for Retirement

A program for SASS members

The value of ongoing financial advice

Step 4: Staying on track once you retire

Our Investing for retirement program is designed to help you make better financial decisions for life beyond SASS. You’ll get tips and expert insights to guide you, so that you’re ready to leave SASS feeling comfortable with your plans.

This month, we look at ongoing financial advice and whether it could be for you.

You’ll learn:

1 Financial planning services are provided by our financial planning business, Aware Financial Services Australia Limited, ABN 86 003 742 756 AFSL No. 238430.

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Where’s the value in ongoing advice? What SASS members say.

When you seek one-off advice from a financial planner on your tax, super or investments, for example, this advice will be for one point in time. After that, it’s up to you to make sure you stay on track with your plan - both now and in the future.

Ongoing advice is different. It means you’re looked after on an ongoing basis, by an expert who will review how your strategies are performing. As your circumstances or goals change, your financial planner will make the necessary adjustments to keep you heading in the right direction. Below we’ve listed the top five reasons why SASS members value ongoing advice with their planner:

"I can sleep easy at night, knowing there’s a plan."

Whether you’re planning your retirement, or already retired, keeping an eye on issues such as the financial markets, the local and global economy, and policy movements can be stressful and overwhelming. With a planner by your side, you don’t need to constantly look over your shoulder. Your planner will work closely with you to develop a long-term plan based on your financial and lifestyle goals, which also considers your tolerance for risk. You can rest easy knowing that your planner will review your plan along the way, and make suitable recommendations if your situation changes, to help you stay on track.

"My planner keeps me up to date with the latest super rules."

The rules around super are complex and change on a regular basis. Without knowing about these changes, or their impact to your savings, you may be missing out on opportunities, or putting yourself in a vulnerable position.  Your planner knows the ins and outs of these complex super rules. And, as the rules change, you can be confident they’ll ensure you’re still making the most of your retirement savings and minimising your risks.

"My planner helps me review and adjust my investments to ensure my plan is on track."

Investing is complex, especially when you’re approaching, or in the early stages of, retirement. As the markets or your circumstances change, your planner will review whether you need to change your investment choice or re-balance your portfolio, keeping you informed, and always in control.

"They’ll advise me on how to invest and minimise my tax bill"

Your planner can help you structure your super contributions and investments in a way that could reduce your tax burden and keep more money in your pocket. That’s because a planner understands the many nuances that come with tax and knows how to make them work for you.  In some cases, your planner will also work closely with other advisers, such as your accountant, to ensure all your bases are covered.

"They’ll help me plan ahead for my family"

Many SASS members are surprised at all the factors that need to be taken into account when planning financial protection for themselves and their families.  Having an expert help you get your estate planning and insurance in order, means your loved ones will be protected should the worst happen. And, when it’s time, you can be confident that your money and assets will end up in the right hands.

Brian’s story: a better position for retirement

Aged 60, Brian wanted to set himself up for the best possible retirement, so he decided to seek financial advice. He made an appointment to see Tony, an Aware Super planner1 at the Gosford office.

Tony worked with Brian to estimate his income needs in retirement, and determine the sources of that income. Tony also helped Brian to determine how much he’d need to save in the lead up to his retirement. With Tony’s advice, Brian maximised his employer-financed benefit, set up salary sacrifice, and “topped up” his Super by making contributions to another super fund. Brian retired at 63 with peace of mind that he could afford the life he wanted in retirement.

After leaving work, Brian found that retirement was quite an adjustment in terms of his lifestyle and finances. He made the decision to continue to partner with Tony for ongoing advice to revisit his money projections on a regular basis, rebalance his investments to maintain the right amount of growth and liquid assets, and to help keep him on track with his spending. Tony also ensures that Brian is making the most of any government benefits he is entitled to.

If, like Brian, you could benefit from professional financial advice, you can book an appointment today. Aware Super planners understand SASS and can review your personal circumstances to help you decide what strategies are right for you.

1 Financial planning services are provided by our financial planning business, Aware Financial Services Australia Limited, ABN 86 003 742 756 AFSL No. 238430.
This is general information only and does not take into account your specific objectives, financial situation or needs. Seek professional financial advice, consider your own circumstances and read our product disclosure statement before making a decision about Aware Super. Call us or visit our website for a copy.
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Preparing for your first appointment

Your first appointment with a financial planner is the first step in getting to know each other - and being prepared is key. Download this checklist for a simple guide on what you’ll need to get ready.

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Michelle and Geoff’s retirement

Seeking advice from an Aware Super planner1 had a big impact on Michelle and Geoff’s retirement. Click above to hear their story.

1 Financial planning services are provided by our financial planning business, Aware Financial Services Australia Limited, ABN 86 003 742 756 AFSL No. 238430.

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