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Superannuation changes

Federal Budget 2017 Highlights

Good news for retirees and first home buyers in the Federal Budget 2017. If you’re 65 or older, you can add up to $300,000 into your super from downsizing your home.

How changes to super laws will affect you

The Federal Government recently legislated a number of changes to super. Here we discuss the superannuation changes 2017 according to age, income and how much you have in your super.

How does changing government legislation affect my retirement?

Government legislation is constantly changing and evolving. StatePlus has provided information on how these changes can affect your retirement.

Superannuation changes back in the spotlight

With the coalition government back in, their controversial proposed changes to super are back in focus. Does it mean a hit to your super or will it provide you with an opportunity to boost your retirement savings? This article looks at what it will mean for you if the changes get through parliament.