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Don’t miss out on opportunities to maximise your public sector scheme benefit

It’s easy to let your super slip to the back of your mind. We live busy lives after all. But as you near retirement, it’s a good idea to think about how you can make the most of what you’ve got.

If you work in the public sector and are a member of a public sector superannuation scheme you’re likely to have good prospects for a comfortable retirement. However, these schemes have complex rules. And unless you’re an expert, it can be easy to miss opportunities to maximise the benefit you’ll receive when you retire.

Getting your contributions right should be a priority. Why?

In simple terms, an increase in your contributions gives you the ability to increase the benefits you will receive when you exit your scheme. However, many members don’t realise they have the option to make additional contributions or they’re not aware that they’re currently not contributing at the right level.

Getting your contributions right doesn’t just have an impact on your retirement. In many cases your contribution level will also impact the end benefit you will receive if you leave your employer before retirement age and you have a deferred benefit.

There are limits applied by your scheme and by the government that impact the level of contributions you can make each year. It’s important to be aware of the limits that apply to you because any contributions you make in excess of the limits will be subject to additional tax.

With the right planning, retirement can be something to look forward to rather than worry about and making the most of your scheme is a great place to start. These 5 questions will help you make sure you’ve got the fundamentals covered:

  1. What should I be doing with my contributions?
  2. Should I maximise my contributions or pay off my mortgage?
  3. How is my benefit calculated?
  4. What happens when I leave my employer or retire?
  5. Should I take a pension or a lump sum when I retire?

If you’re not sure about some answers to these questions it could be time to speak to an expert. At Aware Super we specialise in public sector superannuation schemes. So we can cut through the complexity of your scheme and give you clear answers about how to best secure your future.

5 essential super answers for public sector employees

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This information is of a general nature only, is not comprehensive, and is not specific to your personal circumstances or needs. It is published for your interest. Before making any decisions based on this information you should consider its appropriateness to you. Every effort has been made to ensure the information contained in it is accurate. We strongly recommend that you consult a Financial Planner before taking action based on this information.


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Five essential super answers for public sector employees

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