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Make smart decisions about your super in a defined benefit scheme

Retirement planning can be unnerving or overwhelming for some. Because of this, many people find themselves delaying plans for this important milestone. Retirement, especially from the public sector, means different things to many Australians. In 2014, Aware Super (formerly StatePlus) conducted research as part of a program to explore the financial attitudes of 2,500 public sector employees.

More than 40% of people want to keep working in their retirement – either part time (24%) or casually (18%). Just one in five are committed to stopping work completely and more than 50% plan to do voluntary work1

1CoreData April 2014. Sample of 2496 public sector employees. The majority of those surveyed were in the 45- 64 age group.

Regardless about how you would like to approach retirement don’t wait to start planning, even if you want to continue working. 

Start with understanding your superannuation scheme

If you’ve been in the public sector a long time, some of your super may be in a defined benefit public sector scheme.

Defined benefit super schemes are notoriously complex. But that doesn’t mean you have to be left in the dark. A specialised financial planner can help you understand your options and make smarter decisions. 

There are a number of defined benefit schemes available to public sector employees across Australia, including:

  1. Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme (CSS)
  2. Public Sector Superannuation (PSS)
  3. Police Super Scheme (PoliceSS)
  4. Gold State Super (GSS)
  5. State Authorities Superannuation Scheme (SASS)
  6. State Superannuation Scheme (SSS)

Your Aware Super planner has expertise in retirement and public sector schemes, and can guide you throughout your retirement. Our priority is to give you peace of mind that you’ll have enough money to meet your unique dreams and needs.

If, like most Australians, some of your superannuation is in an accumulation fund, we can help you make the most of it as well.

5 essential super answers for public sector employees

Read our guide on how to get the most from your defined benefit scheme and learn more about how to:

  • Optimise your contributions
  • Save tax
  • Make the best decisions for your defined benefit scheme
  • Your options in the event of redundancy
  • When and how to access your retirement benefit

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Navigating the complexities of defined benefit schemes

Due to the complexity of defined benefit schemes, it can be tricky to understand your benefits, restrictions and entitlements. Consulting an expert can help you eliminate any confusion and restore your confidence in retirement.

In 25 years StatePlus has helped more than 60,500 Australians like you on their retirement journey. So you can be comfortable that you’re in expert hands.

We are owned by the public sector and we were established to provide quality financial advice to public sector employees and their families.

Are you approaching retirement, or even just interested in finding out more about the basic fundamentals of wealth accumulation? Why not attend an upcoming pre-retirement seminar?

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Finding the best planner for your super scheme

As experts in the public sector, we know how to maximise your super scheme benefits to deliver the best retirement outcomes.

We know how to manage your money sensibly to deliver you steady income and manage risk. We deliver straightforward advice that will make a genuine difference to you and your family.

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Affected by the GSE act?
A large percentage of redundancies are happening in NSW. One contributing factor is the GSE Act. If you’re facing redundancy it doesn’t hurt to investigate your options.
In a defined benefit scheme?
Unless you’re an expert, it’s not easy to get the most out of your public sector super scheme. That’s where we come in.